Cosy Days

There are those days when you just want to wake up and walk around in your home, be on your couch and spend 3 hours with a cup of coffee in your hand. With this in mind we decided to create our Cosy Days collection. Designed to be the perfect yoga or gym wear but something that will also fulfill your cozy needs, or as it´s called in Swedish: "Mysa".

Like all of our Monos of Sweden, they feature our signature second-skin material HY but here in a ribbed version. These ribbed Monos of Sweden offer a little bit more stretch than our Nordic Spirit collection for an even more soft feeling. 

Try one of these on and you might not want to take it off:)

Make sure you check out our sizing guide to find the perfect size for you and remember if you still have questions just reach out to us through our support chat in the right lower corner:)